The Mt Magometon quarry has been in operation for approximately 50 years. During the last 10 years Council has enhanced the existing operation, with the installation of a new crushing plant and the renewal of mobile plant. A new DA approval, issued by Council in 1999, permits the extraction of up to 85,000Tpa, this being approximately 50,000 tonnes more than had previously been removed. With this new approval, and recent changes to road construction techniques across the Shire, extraction has been increased to an average of approximately 70,000Tpa. Whilst the quarry has been of great benefit to the Council over its life, as the only significant source of high quality aggregate and roadbase, it is important that Council continues to gain an economic benefit from their investment, whilst also achieving the most beneficial use of this scarce resource. 

 During the last few years, the construction techniques used on Council’s local and regional roads has been modified. This has resulted in a more consistent requirement for roadbase than has previously been the case. In addition, the introduction of a significant works program by the RTA has also increased the need for quarried roadbase. In recent years, the production of quarry material has been between 50,000 and 80,000T. This is approximately the level of production expected for the long term, sustainable reconstruction of Council’s road network. The major products produced have been roadbase and sealing aggregates. By products such as crusher dust are also sold at a discounted rate.

Mt Magometon Quarry Management Plan 2016/17 - 2026/27 Mt Magometon Quarry Management Plan 2016/17 - 2026/27 (268 KB)

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan for Mt Magometon Quarry Pollution Incident Response Management Plan for Mt Magometon Quarry (255 KB)